PokerStars launches Omaha Spin & Go

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Last week PokerStars launched an Omaha version of its famous Spin and Go games, widening its already large game offer as well as adding a fun variant to some of its most popular formats.

The Spin and Go have been available since 2014, but now comprise of three very fast-paced "hyper-turbo" tournaments, played with randomly assigned prize pools: three-minute levels in which the antes and the blinds rise twice as fast as those of the normal turbo tourneys. Most of the Spin and Go's available on the site consist of winner-takes-all competitions.

The Pot-Limit Omaha Spin & Gos - which many players had been longing for - will bring further thrill to the already challenging version of this game, as the company's Director of Poker Operations and Innovation, Severin Rasset, stated during the press release.

"The addition of the four-card whizz, bang, wallop of a game was a decision made after receiving feedback from players," he affirms, hinting at how the industry is trending towards a far greater receptivity to input from the gaming community than in past decades.

In this new format, the starting stacks are of 500 chips for each one of the Omaha Spin and Go events. Players receive four cards and must play two of them. The buy-in levels will range from $1, $3, $5 and $7 to $15 and the winners may take with them as much as 10,000 times their starting deposit. This means that those who enter the new Omaha Spin and Go tournaments can earn as much as $150,000 if they start with the $15 buy in, which is the highest available.

Those who can't wait to start playing might first want to review the rules on how to play poker, especially focusing on how Omaha - the second most popular poker variant - works. Another recommendation is to take a look at some basic PLO Spin & Go and basic Omaha strategies, including the pre-flop, the flop, the turn, the river and the showdown. These will come handy when playing this fast-paced and action-filled version of the Spin & Go.

For those who did not know it already, on May 7 and as part of the Spring Championship of Online Poker (which ends on May 22), the SCOOP-05 Pot Limit Omaha will take place with a total of more than $1 million potential earnings combining the low, medium and high-level events that have been programmed within the tournament.

The new Omaha Spin and Go games have the same format that the already quite popular No Limit Hold'em variant had, with the only difference that the final players will get at least a 10% of the top prize.

For those who were already fans of the profitable Spin and Go tournaments, this release is unquestionably exciting, so it simply remains to be seen if this new take on the fast-paced PokerStars' option becomes even trendier that the previous one.

For newcomers, all they need to do is choose is choose their buy-in and the number of events they want to participate in before registering. Then they just have to wait for two other players to join the game before the excitement begins.

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