Craps is a well-loved casino game the world over. Enter a casino during peak hours and you’ll be hard-pressed to locate a Craps table that isn’t teeming with people—players and spectators alike. If you haven’t played the game before, it is very important to read up on the basics as the game will be understandably confusing at first glance.

The first things that a beginner should learn is the Craps table layout and the basic rules. Understanding both will ease the learning process considerably as once both are mastered, you’ll now be able start playing your very first Craps game.

Craps Table

The regular Craps table can accommodate several bettors at once, often cramming more than twenty people at a time. The layout of a Craps table, with its many betting options available, will most definitely be confusing to beginners. The Craps table is usually a long table with two sides mirroring each other. This allows one table to accommodate a higher shooter-bettor ratio. This is important because a single round of Craps may take a while to end. Two dealers are stationed on each side of the table and will be assisting bettors .

While it is important to be familiar with the layout, the average Craps neophyte will be able to play effectively by only taking note of the pass line and the buck (the disc used to indicate the shooter’s point), all of which will be discussed below.

Basic rules of Craps

The Craps table may seem daunting, often causing people to not give the game a try. As a beginner, however, it is important to understand that in the game, you are basically betting for the person rolling the dice (the shooter), to roll the right numbers in order to win. Playing Craps isn’t so much playing as it is betting on the outcome—that is of course, if you’re not the shooter.

Beginners should know that the basic Craps game is initiated with the pass line bet. The shooter will start the round with the roll outcome becoming the basis for that particular round—this is called the come-out roll.

If the come-out roll is 7 or 11, this is considered to be an automatic win for everyone. The term Craps is used for 2, 3 or 12, which are losing rolls. Any other roll will be the shooter’s point—which will be important for the next phase of the round. Once the come-out roll is done, and a point is established (no winning nor losing rolls), the game continues, but the focus is now shifted to the point rolled by the shooter. In order to win, the shooter must now be able to roll the point again, without rolling a 7 first.

Of course, there are several bets that one can make during a single round of Craps. Beginners however, should get a feel of the game first by sticking to the basic pass line bet before venturing out to the more advanced bets.

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