Can you guess the Casino game in these Movies?


Do you love casino games and do you love movies…? Well if so, this quiz is just for just for you! For you eagled eye casino players and movie goers we created a game to see if you can choose the right game in these epic casino movies

Here is what we think are the all-time best Casino scenes in movies countdown.

5. The Hangover

Yes, he drugged his pals… caught a tiger, got punched in the face by Mike Tyson, but for me, his marvellous blackjack and genius maths calculations to win all the money back in time for his brother's wedding did it. This makes the top 5.

4. 21

A young graduate who is trying to save money to get to a very expensive US college, we know the sob story but the scene before he goes to Vegas and is setup by his lecturer in a dim dark Casino is fantastic, under-rated and good all round film.

3. Casino Royale

I think this film is included in pretty much every casino film countdown. But we know why, its 007 at his best… in probably one of the best card games, he is drugged, nearly has a heart attack which he shrugs off, definitely a classic!

2. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

This is the only non-US film to make a list, and what a film this is. Set in south-east london, the main character Eddy got a little bit carried away, he runs out of cash half-way through the game and loans extra £250k to play the next hand, only to see his next hand fail end with a huge £500k debt.

1. Casino

This has to be no1, Robert Di Niro has played numerous gangsters over the years, but he is at his most frightening here. It may seem miniscule to the most casino owners but not him, a cowboy poker placed his feet on his casino table but Sam "Ace" Rothstein (Di Niro) manvoeuvre of throwing him out of the casino due to his arrogance was brilliant.

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