10 Things to Demystify Online Slots

Money laundering in Aruba, winners not receiving their winnings, identity theft, do these sound familiar when thinking about online gaming? Since the somewhat shady beginnings of online gaming at the start of the noughties much has changed.

Guts->Online casino players love classic slots amongst other slot machines and there is no reason to hesitate any longer due to outdated publicity. Online casino sites have consolidated and the industry is now heavily regulated and safe to play.

Here are some facts and tips about online casinos that offer online slot games for real money that should help put your mind at ease and highlight the positives about the virtual slot world.

1) Security. Operators today are regulated by gaming jurisdictions who have a full regulatory and auditory framework in place to constantly monitor online casinos. Safe gambling jurisdictions such as the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Malta have got players safety in check.

2) Fair play. The random number generator (RNG) through complex algorithms ensures that the reels spin and stop at random. There is no manual intervention here.

3) Identity theft or phishing when playing online is safeguarded by stringent security measures applied by the regulators in well established jurisdictions where the operator is licensed. Well respected casinos also invest heavily in anti-fraud measures to protect themselves and its players. No casino with longevity in mind wants to sully their brand name by putting their players at risk.

4) Payment. The options are many. From the most used, credit cards to e-wallets. Most operators give you plenty of options on how to deposit and withdraw your winnings.

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5) Welcome bonus. Online casinos offer some great welcome bonuses to entice new players, some offer up to 200% on your 1st deposit. Wagering requirements to cash in your bonus money vary so this is an important consideration when choosing an online casino. The industry average is X35 so anything higher than this may not be such a good deal.

6) Free spins. Online casinos like to give away free spins to gain new customers. Many offer free spins with no wagering requirements so what you win is yours. Loyal players are also rewarded with free spins.

7) Reload bonus. Another incentive online casinos offer to retain loyal customers by offering bonus money on deposits. These tend to come with wagering requirements that you should be aware of.

8) Playing for free. Online casinos allow players to play online slot games for free which land-based slots are unable to do. This allows players to learn a slot machine before investing their bankroll.

9) Return to player. All slot machines have a return to player percentage (RTP) Online slots allow you to check this percentage in advance.

10) Variety. Leading online casinos offer many slot machine variations. From 3 or 5 reel classic slots to ultra modern avalanche video slots jammed with bonus features. There is a online slot to suit every player.

Online slot games can be a source of great excitement and relaxation with the allure of winnings. As long as you know what you can afford to loose you can join the many dedicated online slot players who relax after a hard day’s work playing their favourite slots.

Slot machines have been a very popular game of choice for many people when they enter a casino. They are found on every casino floor in vast numbers across the world. They are an extremely popular game due to the short wagers required and the possibly to win a large jackpot that many people dream of. The machine pays when the same symbols appear.

The popularity of slot machines stems down to the fact that is requires no skill and therefore is an attractive option to anyone going into a casino. The most common slot machine is the regular simple three reel. You can play slots and many other games now on Betfair. Check the gif below to see the process of using one of these machines.

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